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DIAS Project
Redefine How to work in

"Beauty Industry"

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DIAS Project

Using original encryption currency, we redefine how to work "beauty industry" and provide new value to customers

MISSION: Reforming the work style of the beauty industry, creating jobs and giving dreams to young people
VISION: an organization that can grow and activate the industry with customers
VALUE: Create new schemes and business models and provide added value to all stakeholders

· Dissatisfaction with working hours
· Dissatisfaction with working environment
· Outflow of human resources
· Trend of market size reduction ...

Structural problems in the industry and the complaints that hairdressers engaged in the industry have
It certainly has a negative impact on the industry as a whole.

We aim to solve such problems fundamentally.

Within the DIAS group many stylists with high technical strength and high motivation can be affiliated. It leads to providing high-quality services to many customers.

Finally, it will revitalize the industry where the market size is shrinking.


ICO Starts

We start ICO to raise research expenses.

Beauty School in Shibuya

Based on the funds gathered, we set up our own academy for hairdresser who adopted new graduate, and make environment which can make stylist debut at early stage (standard 1.5 years).

Matching Apps among Stylists

As the business model, adopt the same scheme as the dispatch application service Uber. Basic monetization is simple, and profit is raised with brokerage fee.
Match the customer who wants styling and the stylist that can operate. You can also select a stylist nearby using GPS information.

DIAS TOKEN on Exchange

Currently negotiating with Asian exchanges.

Development of Beauty Essense

In this project, in addition to setting up an opportunity to learn knowledge on rough hands at the academy, we are working on the development of unique shampoo, coloring agent, perm solution, gloves and protective cream for preventing hand roughness based on funds procured, We will make permanent measures, prepare a working environment for stylists to work comfortably, and even get sales profits for them.


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