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Project Members

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Deous International CEO.

He is involved in management of FBO and trade, medical care, beauty, finance etc. in multiple countries.

Currently it has three companies in Japan and overseas, aiming for a dramatic revolution by technology.

Graduated Belle Epoque Beauty College

I joined peek-a-boo and after 6 years of assistant experience I went to a stylist.

Moved to a certain famous hair salon, worked hairdressing for 3 years while doing a hairdresser,
ar, In Red, Ray, boysunday and so on.

After that, I do hair-making with a hairdresser for 2 years at freelance.
Hair show sponsored by beauty maker and Kanzo Yamamoto are in charge of hair makeup of fashion show.

Hebei Asako E-girls Leslie Key
AKB48 Nogizaka 46
super twins
(Ms. Kayo Sato Mizusawa Ally is in charge of a stylist in the absence)
Kitagawa Tokiko Raita Nagai kyoko

Lecturer at Belle Epoque College concurrently.

Graduated from Belle Epoque Beauty College Sapporo school

After joining ACQUA in Harajuku, since 2001 he was involved in the hair part of BC Beauty Coliseum, a program that solves personal problems such as cosmetic surgery, makeup, and hair style.

As a model himself has been posted as a subject in men's magazines, chokichoki, smart, smart hair and a wide range of activities.

After the stylist debut, I started up a website, created a personal hairdresser's homepage, not a salon introduction page, and continued freelance activities.

Natural curly hair straightening which has been reputed for hair care, curly hair, thinning hair knowledge and made possible by unique technology is even so few people can do in the city.
There are not many customers who are troubled with curly hair and carry legs from the region.

Although it is a digression, he was also appointed as a signboard of CM of the alma mater, and had been on TV broadcasting as well.

After graduating from Waseda Beauty College.

After going through several stores in Tokyo,
Continuous best sales among about 1,200 companies at the time and numerous awards within the company

Around the world with a pair of scissors from 2014,
We traveled around 50 countries,
CUT about 1,200 people worldwide,
Appearances such as magazines and TV.

Then from 2016 until the present
Running a hair salon at Vietnam Ho Chi Minh

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